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Article from the brazilian magazine VIVA FELIZ from the publisher – Editora Europa, June’2000

Kept in flasks in the shelves, essences are mixed, forming a world of smells. Sweet, wooden (dry), citric or flower essences, the fragrances are the entrance door to revive a series of sensations: the memory of a great love, the smell that brings the childhood, or the best friend.

Capable to transport people in the tunnel of the time, the perfumes are definitively more than an artifice to become attractive or to mark presence in the atmosphere. That has been, in some way, part of the popular intuitive knowledge, when the astrologer, engineer and Holistic Therapist, Enrique Francetich had decided to go thoroughly in the subject. And in six years of research, he had observed that people's behavior changes with some essences.

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In the analysis, the astrologer took in consideration aspects of the astrologycal map, the four defined psychological types for psychiatrist Gustav Jung (intuition, perception, feeling and reason) and the ancient energies of the nature (Hot, Cold, Moisture and Dryness), related this way with the four elements - fire, earth, water and air.

As a conclusion of this analysis, the Therapy of Perfumes appeared. It is a method for which is possible to identify the essence that matches with your soul, and, that perfume type that one can use to enhance one’s intrinsic qualities - or still which aromas should do use to develop other aspects of the personality (true analogy between " The personalities and the perfumes ").

For a more analysis, it is necessary to do a calculation in a software created by Enrique, with the date and time from birth , in order to find the essence.

Besides discovering to be possible to identify the perfume of the soul of each one, Enriquehad gotten to the conclusion that the perfumes alter the colors of the Aura (energy field) of the person. In the same way the sympathy or the repulse to somebody can also be related to the fragrance type, that acts with a true social filter in this case.

Capable to influence in the behaviors and feelings, the perfumes are, according to Enrique, a form of balancing the physical body, the emotions and the soul. " One should worry with the perfume that one uses, just as one does when one chooses the right clothes for certain occasion ", it observes Enrique.


Enrique Francetich used the relation of the astrological signs and the elements of the nature that govern them, related with the psychological types of psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung. he also finds in each one of them, which perfume type has the same energy of the right related essence.

Have in mind that that is a partial analysis, because beyond of those four types, Jung differentiated the people in introverted and outgoing persons.

First: Element: Fire - Type: intuition. That are related to the Aries ,Lion and Sagittarius signs.

Citric and wood perfumes. The people of this healthy type usually active, restless and expansible. They are full of trust and enthusiasm. This type has an inexhaustible energy and a productive character. They defend their point of view with rigidity, constancy and courage. They can, for that, to have some touch lack and to despise the feelings of the other ones. They don't support routines and they are always tuned in the future. They excel in spontaneity and loyalty.

Second: Element: Earth - Type: perception or sensation. That are related to the Bull , Virgo and Capricorn signs.

Floral perfumes and wood perfumes. They are here and the now, on the material world and tangible reality, as the most important references for the people that have that personality type. They are practical, diligent and persevering and, for that, they get to take obstinately to their main objectives. With great sense of safety, analysis and control.

Third: Element: Air - psychological Type: reason or thought. That are related to the Twins , Libra and Aquarius signs.

Citric and sweet perfumes. They have tendency to conventional patterns and great work capacity and concentration.The change of ideas and the communication are fundamental in the people's of that type life. Your behavior is friendly, harmonious and pleasant. They are flexible in thought and in language. Your characteristic principal is to develop the thoughts and to correlate them, being able to or not to organize them objectively. With need to test everything for the laws of the logic, they look for connections of the facts with the reason

Fourth: Element: Water - psychological Type: feeling. That are related to the Cancer , Scorpion and Piscis signs.

Sweet and Flower perfumes. Feelings and deep emotions are typical of the people related to that type, that is expressed with uncertainties and instabilities. As they don't get to rationalize what they feel, they depend on the acceptance of their random attitude, and act on receptivity and natural empathy basis. They shape to the outside with easiness to different situations and people, just like the water to the bottle. The peacefulness is fundamental for their emotional balance.


As most of the perfumes is composed by several components, see their classifications ans characteristics:

Floral: jasmine, white and light flowers, lilies, lavenders, lavender and rosemary.

Wood essences: sandalwood, mosses, cedar, patchouly, pine, herbs and peels of trees.

Citric: lemon, bergamota, mint, orange blossom and citric fruits in general.

Sweet: ylang ylang, balms, amber, vanilla.

THE IDEAL PERFUME is calculated in the program " Astrological Analysis of the Aromas - AAA" , as you will discover which the fragrance that combines better with your temperament.

To help people to get some advantage, this study shows not only how to analyze your personality, but also indicates how to discover which perfume should one use to become a person more sociable or less tense, for instance.

In these pages you will find that the Astrological Analysis of the Aromas will reveal your personal fragrance, and that best matches with you.

The effect that each perfume type has about your personality, and the energy analogy with the astrological sign.

Download through Internet - Double Click in the file instalarAAA.exe, and have fun with the fragrances

In the Therapy of Perfumes you will find the answers of the following questions:

1) Why I like certain perfume, and don't I like another one?

2) Why a perfume is OK in my skin, and why it has a different smell in another person's skin?

3) What Do I feel when I use an essence, in sync with my moment of life?

4) Which type of person approaches me when I use certain perfume, or a particular fragrance?

5) Is my personality expressed by the fragrance that I use? Do I identify myself with the perfume?

6) Do the fragrances that I use influence my relationships?

7) How to activate the positive energy of a person?

8) For some people agitation is the word, for others calm is more important. How to match the fragrance?

9) It is proven scientifically that the spirit is a form of energy. The perfumes are an invisible smell, just like energy too?

10) Can a perfume be used with certain INTENTION? Then What is the law that rule the effects of the Essences?

I have also noticed that the tastes of the food: SOURN, SALTED, BITTER, and SWEET, are related to the four smells CITRIC, FLOWER, WOOD and SWEET essences correspondingly.

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